Reverend Rajaram S.N. Samy

Senior Pastor

Reverend Rajaram S.N. Samy is a marketplace minister.

Together with his wife, Josephine, they operate two Kumon Centres and the Saint Paul Learning Centre.

Through these centres, they impact many young people and their families.

He was formerly the National Director of 2=1 Marriage Ministry.

He and his wife have a desire to see people pursue God with holiness, and live empowered lives for Jesus.

Their other passion is to see strong and godly families and marriages that reflect God's intended design for a covenantal relationship.

Mike Chan

Chinese Pastor

Pastor Mike Chan is the pastor for the Mandarin/Dialect service.

The Mandarin/dialect service are generally the grassroots folk consisting of the elderly, the infirm, the physically and mentally challenged folks.

Apart from pastoring the Chinese/dialect speaking members of MOC, he is also an official counsellor with the Changi Prison Fellowship.

Ps Mike visits the Changi prison every Wednesday to minister and share the message of the gospel to the inmates there.

He also ministers at the All Saints Old Home (Tampines) to the residents there. 

Bishop Dr Fred Toke

Founder and Spirtual Elder

Bishop Dr. Fred Toke is our church founder, starting this church in 1997.

He has an extensive teaching ministry and travels widely for ministries.

He now serves as our spiritual elder and minister to the church whenever he is in town and as his busy schedule allows.


Board President

Brother "Howey" How Woei Seng

Board Treasurer

Sister Lot de Jesus

Board Secretary

Brother Yeo Howe Li

Board Member

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Brother Francis Romanillos

Board Member

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Sister Josephine Raj



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Brother Dr Stephen Hsu

Worship and Music

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Brother Tem

Worship and Music

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Sister Arianne


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Brother  Jeff Korky


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Sister Julie

Sunday School

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Sister Slyvia

Prayer Intercessory Ministry

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Sister Angelie


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Sister Leslie Briones

Church Administration

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Brother Daves